Possible proof of lolcat activity on planet Mars - by me

As we all know, lolcats like to play with vacuum cleaners. Proof here:

A well-documented article describing in detail the cat's actions in the video above can be found here .
According to serious scientific sources, there is no human on Mars and no source denied the presence of lolcats there. As lolcats use vacuum cleaners, it seems plausible that they played with a vacuum cleaner and left the nozzle where the NASA's rover Curiosity found it:
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
Here's the direct link to NASA's web site:
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
This image was taken by Mastcam: Right (MAST_RIGHT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 821 (2014-11-27 20:06:02 UTC).
Edited by me using GIMP to highlight the possible vacuum cleaner nozzle
Image Credit: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Why did the lolcats have a vacuum cleaner on Mars in the first place you might ask. I presume they had a project to clean the planet after presumably they've taken it over.
Here's another link to NASA's web site, showing what appears to be a vacuum cleaned area. Please note the edges of the sand free area. These edges are made of straight line segments. This effect could have been obtained by the use of a vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum cleaned area
This image was taken by Mastcam: Left (MAST_LEFT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 819 (2014-11-25 15:03:06 UTC).
This picture is not modified by me, in fact it is simply linked from NASA
Image Credit: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

As a side note, "from Sol 817 to Sol 826, Curiosity had driven a straight line distance of about 35.17 feet (10.72 meters)", so the distance between these two pictures is less than 10.72 meters. [ source ]

Given the photographic evidence presented above, I can conclude that lolcats might have had taken over Mars and now they're cleaning up the evidence with at least one vacuum cleaner. Earth might, no, WILL be next! Panic!

Now, seriously, please note that I may be completely wrong about this, as I have no idea about the size of the features presented in these pictures. For all I know, the nozzle could be 1 cm or one meter wide, hence not a vacuum cleaner nozzle, and the vacuum cleaned area could be the size of a football field. Regardless, because the object from sol 821

  • looks like a vacuum cleaner nozzle or the broken away front side thereof;
  • unlike the surrounding stones, it's smooth;
  • it's symmetrical;
  • is close to the sand-free area from sol 819, which, because of its straight lines contour is in my opinnion consistant to the use of a vacuum cleaner. The left side is the most obvious, as the vacuum cleaner seems to have had been moved in parallel lines at roughly 45°, leaving a stairs pattern.
I believe it with high probability to be a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

About smoke and mirrors - by me

Lolcats on mars, mouse on mars (link1)   (link2, just a shadow),   SNAFU, "The Spoon on Mars" (broken) (direct link 1) (direct link 2), The metronome from Mars (broken images) (direct link 1) (direct link 2) (direct link 3), Carved animal statue and strange artifacts (my guess: a toaster or electrical switch), bird tracks(blue) and some petroleum lamp parts including two bird head ornaments(orange) on mars:
Bird tracks and lamp parts
Right Panoramic Camera Non-linearized Full frame EDR acquired on Sol 527 of Spirit's mission to Gusev Crater at approximately 15:01:19 Mars local solar time, camera commanded to use Filter 1 (436 nm). NASA/JPL/Cornell
Edited by me using GIMP to highlight the artifacts
Image Credit: Courtesy NASA/JPL/Cornell

The list is long and meaningless at first glance. If I'll tell you now that NASA and/or the USA didn't fake the mars landing alone you'll probably laugh and think I'm jocking. Jocking again. Well, this time I'm probably not.
After seeing all this proof yelling 'fake landing', you'll ask why didn't NASA fake the mars landing alone. The short answer is they had no reason and no means to keep the secret, not even with all the help from all the US secret services.
Now, the long story:
  • I can find no plausible reason for NASA faking the mars landing and I've searched far and wide. Here are the main reasons I could think of, none of which stands the sanity test.
    • Reason 1: earn lots of money. Is highly improbable. Doing some legit research about important topics like 'vacuum pressure variation in geostationary orbit' or 'lolcat behavior in the International Space Station' would have earned more funds than a fake Mars mission.
    • Reason 2: protect real research data by giving the adversary something to chew on. Too expensive and of no value once discovered.
    • Reason 3: determine an adversary to put lots of money into technically impossible mars research. Also too expensive and of no value once discovered.
    • Reason 4: gain fame. NASA and the USA would have had nothing to gain but ridicule once discovered.
  • Under normal circumstances it would have been impossible to keep the secret of a fake landing.
    • Reason 1: NASA is one of the leading dual use technology research agencies on the planet, hence every country interested in rocket and rocket guidance technology would spy on them and I can't name one country which wouldn't.
    • Reason 2: There are lots of people who work or worked on the mars project, which makes it more difficult to keep a fake a secret.
    • Reason 3: Once an enemy country finds out about the fake landing, this information will be used in one way or another, say to help in negotiations or to put pressure on an unwanted presidential candidate.
    • Reason 4: I presume that under the circumstances, any wannabe spy agency would have found out about a possible fake landing within one year from the 1st launch, while any serious one would have smelled it long before that.
...but the proof is yelling 'Fake landing iz fake'. Yes, but I've just shown you that NASA and the US have nothing to gain and no reason to fake a mars landing, although they might have a cheap studio where a landing could be faked.
...but the proof is yelling 'Fake landing iz fake'. Yes, but I've just shown you that NASA and the US do not have the capability to keep such a secret secret.

An international conspiracy

...but the proof is yelling 'Fake landing iz fake'. Well, then it was done within a really wide international collaboration, from North Korea, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Botswana, China, [To do: insert a list with all countries in the world here] to the USA, because no one used the information and it's unlikely they didn't have it since I found it via a few google searches.
...but why? I don't know. I can only speculate here, but it has to be something big, really big like... put your tin hats on... (I always wanted to say that) to cover the existence of aliens on planet Earth or a global government.
To cover the existence of aliens on planet Earth, a global government or something else just as big they do need among others to somehow discredit and hide the so-called conspiracy theorists among disinformation noise.
  • A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth and observation with false conclusions and lies, or to reveal part of the truth while presenting it as the whole (a limited hangout).
    Another technique of concealing facts, or censorship, is also used if the group can affect such control. When channels of information cannot be completely closed, they can be rendered useless by filling them with disinformation, effectively lowering their signal-to-noise ratio and discrediting the opposition by association with many easily disproved false claims.

So, a fake half-believable mars landing would come in handy: just add some trolls to post articles and websites claiming 'fake landing' based upon rocks or shadows at 400% magnification looking like [insert object name here]. This way any self-respecting journalist researching a story about UFOs, aliens or some sort of global government, will find these and label the story also as fake.

A good movie

Here is a really interesting and well made video from ancientaliensdebunked.com depicting the debunking of some troll work, sadly not about some mars rock looking like Elvis Presley, but it shows a similar disinformation campaign aimed at these who think aliens are real and once walked the Earth:

So, are or were aliens walking among us? Let's analyze the facts:
  • there are ancient stories such as 'angels coming from the sky' 'aliens and humans getting hybrids' you surely have read or heard about. Can these be true? Not necessarily. This type of story could be just as well a way to legitimate some local king as the representative of a god;
  • there are a few half-believable modern day UFO stories (don't ask me if there's a real one);
  • the smokescreen from the ancientaliensdebunked video and the mars landing smokescreen look like the tip of a huge disinformation campaign to me;
  • the ancientaliensdebunked video depicts a campaign aimed specifically at these who think aliens are real and once walked the Earth. Well, 'aliens are real and once walked the Earth' could be the truth hidden in plain sight or just a scheme to make money which has been once more debunked.

What would aliens want on planet earth?
  • mineral resources: highly doubtful, as these could be easily be mined from asteroids by a sufficiently advanced civilization;
  • do dangerous genetic experiments: if they are not living on Earth, it's conceivable for them to use a remote planet;
  • live here: conceivable, since advances in medicine could have lead to overpopulation on their own world;
  • use the planet as a theme park: highly probable if they are somewhat like us (or made us to be somewhat like them), since one can find here anything from civilizations in the stone age to what we know as hi-tech. I also can't remember any year without a war. So, Earth could provide booth diversity and action for a presumed visitor.

In the end it doesn't really matter that much. Maybe we live on an alien spaceship called Earth, with an effective radiation shield and life support or were visited by aliens long ago or Earth is a giant theme park for aliens. As nearly all religion talk about praying to god(s) aka aliens for some sort of eternal life and apparently we got nothing but hope, if aliens exist, I doubt they care about us more than we do for the animals we study. Yes, if aliens are real, religion might just be a cargo cult and we should just ask them either for better healthcare and nearly unlimited lifespan or asylum and the aforementioned.

UPDATE 1: Mars pictures were taken inside a hangar

According to this MARS Anomalies video (after minute 7) there appears to be a hidden door in the background of a Mars picture. The door seems to be dissimulated with some rigid cloth of irregular shape towards the opening.
During further search I've found the left camera view, which displays the same door-like shape, so I can conclude that the object is not an compression artifact or lens error, but pareidolia cannot be excluded at this moment.[ left image , right image ]
Why a door? What would that mean? It could be part of a blue screen fence meant to cover man made objects or a closed studio, so let's explore the possibilities.
In chapter “Possible proof of lolcat activity on planet Mars” I've shown beyond any reasonable doubt that Curiosity has photographed a vacuum cleaner nozzle on planet Mars, near a vacuum cleaned area, with a contour made of straight line segments, intended to look like a wind blown area. This raises the question why did NASA use a vacuum cleaner to fake a sand blown area and didn't simply use a leaf blower to create a more realistic shape. A possible answer is they couldn't afford the dust inside a closed space, so the blue screen fence theory has to be rejected.
Since the distance from the rover to the blue screen looks quite big (I'd say some 10m, but the figure is my very rough estimate as I'm no expert in photography) the studio has to be the size of a hangar, maybe a temporary one made of steel ribs and cloth. My guess is they're using several of these hangars, the rover is driven from one into another and the view from the previous one is projected onto the blue screen behind the rover.
In the light of the Mars pictures presented here and the ones I only linked to, depicting artificial objects and even a mouse, I can assume that the door is most likely no pareidolia.
Given the above mentioned considerations, I can conclude with some confidence that the Mars pictures were taken inside a studio, most likely in the form of several mobile hangars.

UPDATE 2: Russian letters on Mars?! Really?

I can't understand anything anymore. A few weeks ago, Yuri G, the Youtube user who discovered this, gave me two pictures, highlighted versions of this one:
The DL picture
This image was taken by Mastcam: Left (MAST_LEFT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1676 (2017-04-24 04:33:23 UTC). Edited by me using GIMP to highlight the letters д and л (DL).
Image Credit: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

I can't believe it. I'm speechless. I really can't think on what to say on this one. Does this mean the Russians took the Mars photographs?! WHY would they?

Da Bomb!

There's a bomb on Mars, probably left over from Kitty war II when Kitler attacked the mice on Mars!
Ok, this time the Curiosity rover photographed what closely resembles a shrapnel from a 80 mm mortar shell, used by the German army during WWII. More precisely the remnants of Wurfgranate 34 (Wgr 34), designed for standard medium mortar Granatenwerfer 34 (Grw 34). Here's a comparison between the Mars object and a Wurfgranate 34:
As you can see in an arch of about 90 degree in booth cases there are 5 fins roughly of a square shape.
The Mars object seems to have soil deposits on its (cylindrical in the case of Wgr 34) body. It also has soil where the right most fins should have been.
Please note that I can't tell anything about the size of the objects in this picture. For comparison I scaled the Wgr 34 picture and rotated booth for presentation.
Based upon the above observations I can conclude with some certainty that the Mars object is a mortar shell shrapnel.
Da bomb!
This image was taken by Mastcam: Right (MAST_RIGHT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1845 (2017-10-14 22:00:43 UTC).
Edited by me using GIMP to highlight the object.
Image Credit: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS


Now we know there is a worldwide conspiracy and the mars landing photographs either contain proof of lolcat activity or are fake. About what must be covered by this conspiracy, I can only guess aliens, lolcats, world government or anything else. My best guess here is that Earth is a theme park for aliens, defined as visitors from outer space or advanced civilization evolved and living on Earth.